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My Rating: $$$$$

What is CashCrate?

CashCrate is a GPT(Get Paid To) website that currently has over 7 million members and has been paying its members since 2006. They are similar to Swagbucks where you can earn money for completing surveys, offers, watching videos, and more. These payments are sent by check when you earn $20.

CashCrate actually offers walk-through videos helping you to get acquainted with the layout and process. This is a great thing that all GPT(Get Paid To) websites should offer.


There are a vast number of surveys to complete each day and pay from a few cents up to about $5. As with any GPT(Get Paid to) website, there will be disqualifications. These surveys are laid out into three different tabs within the “Earn Cash” section of CashCrate. The tabs are as follows:

  • Surveys: This is the main section where you will find a wide variety of surveys which are provided from multiple different survey panels.


  • Top Surveys: Here you will find 5 different survey panels and completed one or twice daily(which is specified for each one). The survey panels are Live Sample, YourSurveys, Tap Research, MyThoughtsCount, and Global Test Market. You will get paid 80¢ for each completing with the exception of MyThoughtsCount, which pays 90¢ per completion.


  • Bonus Surveys: This section is for Peanut Labs surveys. If you have used any GPT(Get Paid To) websites, chances are you know what Peanut Labs surveys are. These are my favorite surveys to complete because they usually have a quick qualification process and qualify better than many panels.


There are many offers that can be completed. A great offer that is running now is signing up to be an Uber driver. You will get paid $5 and if you continue with the Uber service, you will even make more money by driving people around.

Another great offer is signing up with RewardTV and completing 3 TV trivia games. You will get paid $1 for this offer and doesn’t require much time.

In this section you will find many offers such as “Tide Sample” or “Amazon Gift Card”. I do not personally do these because you will get your email spammed. If you do choose to do these I highly recommend using an email that doesn’t matter to you. They will also require a phone number in many of these and you will get called for things like grants and winning a free cruise vacation. There may be a way around this but note that providing false information can lead to you not getting credit for the offer.

Videos and More

In this section, you will be able to watch videos, get paid to listen to the radio, download apps, and complete sign-up offers. You may also find a few surveys here. The payout varies per activity.

When watching videos you will earn about 1¢-2¢. For listening to the radio you will earn 1¢ for each 20-30 minutes. You are able to leave this running in a different page/tab and do other activities. Just make sure that you enter the CAPTCHA every 20-30 minutes(it will specify how long) in order to get credit.


If you do alot of online shopping this is the section for you. Just by using CashCrate’s link you will be able to earn back a percentage of what you spend. There are many major retailers that they go through including Walmart, Petsmart, Itunes, and more. You book your vacations through to earn 7% back. These are my favorite because they don’t require me to do anything different.

Referral Program

There many ways to promote CashCrate which are just given to you. You can email you link, post it, or insert it into your blog. They offer banners which can be customized to show your earnings and generic banners. These are great to display on a blog.

The thing that makes them unusual is they actually give you access to business cards and flyers as well as QR codes. This is a great way to your referral code out there.

You will get 20% of what your referral makes and 10% of what your referral’s referrals makes. After you have referred 50 members, this amount goes up to 25% for each referral. After you are an elite member you will get 30% per referral and 20% for your indirect referrals.

There are members earning hundreds, even thousands, each month just for referring people!


My Overall Opinion

Cash crate

Overall, CashCrate is one of my favorite sites to use. They are secure with your information(as long as you don’t complete those offers we talked about), have a great referral program, an easy to use layout, and pay by check. There are also so many activities to complete that you’ll never run out of ways to make money.

My favorite thing about CashCrate is how user-friendly they are. The way that they offer walk-through videos and referral tools is a nice change from your normal GPT(get paid to) websites.

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