Harris Poll Online Review

Website: Harrispollonline.com

Rating: $$$$$

What is Harris Poll Online?

Harris Poll has been conducting market research since 1963. They now work with 74 of the Fortune 100 companies and partner with more than 500 firms. You are now able to complete surveys online and earn rewards for your opinions.


After completing your initial survey which asks basic questions about you and your household, you will earn 50 hipoints. You will then start receiving emails to complete more surveys. Unfortunately you must open the surveys through your email in order to participate as they do not store surveys on the website. After opening the survey you will begin answering questions.

There is a qualification process and the approval rate is about 40%-50% in my experience. If you do not qualify for the survey you will receive histakes(sweepstakes) tickets and usually a chance to complete another survey.



Whenever you get 625 hipoints you can redeem them for a $5 gift card to one of their many retailers or restaurants. Unfortunately PayPal is not an option. If you hold onto your points until you have 3,125 then you can redeem for a $25 Walmart gift card which is just about as good as cash in my family.

Another option is to play the spin to win game. You basically just pay 200 points to have a chance at winning a $50 Amazon gift card. I do not recommend doing this because you will usually just earn $1.50 Amazon Digital gift card.

My Overall Opinion

Honestly, Harris Poll is not on the top of my list of survey sites. If you would have asked me a year ago my opinion would have been totally different. Unfortunately they decided they weren’t making enough sometime in the last year because they changed their disqualification reward.

Harris Poll used to award you 15 hipoints just for disqualifying which made it all worth it. Now all that you get are lousy sweeps tickets. The surveys are usually easy and don’t take too long but I think there are better options.


ShopTracker is a new app that is offered by Harris Poll where you can earn by shopping.


If you’d like to try out Harris Poll for yourself you can click here to join.


  1. Marcus

    To be honest, I really don’t have time for survey sites. Any that I have tried in the past have not earned me much money at all. Also, I’ve always found that it’s really hard to get accepted for surveys because their criteria are so strict. Most of the genuine reviews I’ve read of survey sites also say they are not worth the time.

    I think it’s far better to build a website around a particular niche and then make money from affiliate marketing. What do you think?

    1. admin

      Well building a website is definitely the best option if possible but sometimes people want to just earn a few dollars by doing some surveys.

      This is when surveys are useful. There are some bad survey sites but there’s one that I highly recommend because you don’t get dissqualified and you earn $3 per survey. They also send you free products to test before they hit the market. You can see my review here if you’re interested.

  2. ClaireW

    Great post. I’ve never heard of this one, but I am always on the lookout for ways to earn a few extra dollars. I’ve been caught out a few times too. I have a few survey sites that I work with now – at my own convenience, and it is worth it if you find one that pays out regularly and you can see it is a professional site. Thanks for your review on Harris Poll Online – I will know now to avoid that one entirely! 🙂

    1. admin

      Yeah, Harris Poll used to be great and was one my main sites but when they changed their disqualification method I stopped using it so much. It’s still not terrible just not as good as it used to be.

      Do you use Swagbucks and CashCrate? Those are my favorite for sites that have alot of activities so there’s constantly things to do. I also really like SurveySavvy for just surveys.

  3. Jojo

    I have joined survey sites in the past to try to make some money but honestly results has been dissapointing. Many times when I found a survey with a decent reward I did not fit the demographics desired (that is age, level of education, habits, gender etc) and other times you have to answer soo many questions in order to get anything so it is hardly worth it. There are also a lot of products being sold on Clickbank telling you how to make money with surveys but no, I do not believe in them. The bottom line here is that you would probably make more money per hour working then you would filling out surveys.

    Thank you for this post I am really looking forward to read more from you.


    1. admin

      The thing about surveys is you can’t think of it as working because no, you won’t earn an actual income. You are doing these things from the convenience of your own home and don’t even have to have a computer.

      If you are interested in a job that actually pays you an hourly wage while working at home, there are options. But these options require commitment, an interview, a background check, etc. With surveys you can say “Hey, I need to make $200 for Christmas this year.” And just do it whenever you have free time.

      I’m not saying there aren’t survey sites that are worse than others but with many of the sites, if you use them for what they are and don’t expect a full-time income you will not hate them so much.


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