Ask GFK Review


Rating: $$$$$

 What is Ask GFK?

Ask GFK is an online research community. In return for completing surveys they will award you with points to redeem for gift cards. For completing your profile they will award you with 200 points. These points can be redeemed once you accumulate 2,500 for Visa Gift cards, Merchandise, or an ITunes gift card.


Surveys are sent by email and can also be found on your account within the Ask GFK website. You will not be given surveys very frequently. They send out both targeted and non-targeted emails meaning that some will be automatically qualified and some will have qualification questions.

Points will be credited within 1-2 weeks of completing the survey but in my experience have been rewarded instantly. Some surveys require follow-ups and pay higher. These surveys can take 4-8 weeks to credit to your account.

For disqualifications most surveys will give 25 per disqualification. Sometimes the survey will not route you back to Ask GFK and in these instances you may not be awarded for disqualifications.

My Overall Opinion

I have not received many surveys from Ask GFK which is why I gave them a rating of 3/5. The surveys I have received, however, have had a pretty good payout.  If you are one of the lucky ones that recieves quite a few surveys, the site can be great. For us unlucky ones that may not match the targeted demographics at the moment, it may seem pointless to be a member at times.

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