Free Ibex Tumbler – Scam or Legit?

Get a Free tumbler postToday I was sent a link to receive a FREE Ibex tumbler that would keep my drinks cold for up to 72 hours- just pay shipping and handling. Sounded pretty great to me.

So I went through the whole process of choosing my color and entering my information. Before continuing I decided to go ahead and research it a little bit more. To my surprise, I came across a few comments claiming that they had been charged $39.95 for the “free ibex tumbler”. I said to myself “Woah, $39.95? I thought this was a free cup. Good thing I didn’t place my order.”

Or Did I?

Well, unfortunately, I received an email just minutes later thanking me for my purchase. What purchase? Apparently they took it upon themselves to place my order. I had entered all my information, including credit card number, before changing my mind. I NEVER CLICKED CONTINUE. I guess to Ibex Tumbler, just entering it was enough for them.

I rushed to find a phone number on their website(which is 1-866-945-9083 for anyone who made the same mistake as me) and quickly called to cancel. I told the woman who answered the phone that I never clicked continue and she tells me that I did submit the order. So I asked her about the $39.95 that people have been charged for this free tumbler. She tells me that “yes, it’s a trial”.

A Trial?!Smart Phone view of website

A trial? Where did it say it was a trial? So I tell the customer service woman that it doesn’t say anywhere that it is a free trial. She continues to tell me that “It’s in the terms. All you have to do is read”. What terms? There are no terms!

After speaking to her I decided to check on my computer(I had previously been using my smart phone). There is a section that says:

Purchase one large 30 ounce tumbler risk free on us, just cover $6.95 S&H. 7 days after receiving your IBEX tumbler you will be charged the regular price of $39.95. If for any reason you are not thrilled with your tumbler – call 1.855.354.6917 to return it.

My guess is that they know most people use their phone and will not ever see this and think they are getting a free Ibex tumbler. They just threw it in on Desktop view to cover themselves against claims.

The risk free message showing on Desktop view

The risk free message showing on desktop view

So after arguing I did get my order cancelled and my money back. Unfortunately some have not been as lucky as I was. I want to reach as many people as possible to tell you that this is a scam. You WILL be charged full price after 7 days. If you have already ordered- Call to cancel now! If you have not ordered- steer clear unless you are okay with paying the $39.95 from a very dishonest company.

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