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I don’t usually give a 5/5 rating but Pinecone research really is that good.

What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone research is a simple website that provides surveys for evaluating products before they are even on the market. You earn 300 points per survey which can be redeemed for $3 to PayPal or for many other gift cards or merchandise. You can redeem at any time because the minimum to cash out is only $3.

Pinecone Research is invitation only so be sure to click my link above or at the bottom of the page to claim your invite before the spaces are all taken!

Pre-qualified for Surveys!

That’s right folks. You are automatically qualified for every survey that you take. No more 10-minute long qualification questions ending in sweeps tickets or even nothing. You will get $3 for every single survey that you complete.

Free stuff!

In addition to the great rewards you even get to test products that aren’t even on the market yet! And I’m not talking little sample size products. They will send full products that you would actually buy at the store. If you seem like someone they would like the opinion of from your survey they will send you the product to try and then you even get a follow-up survey worth another $3!

My Experience With Pinecone Research

I have been a member of Pinecone research for about 2 years now and absolutely love it. I get about 2 surveys a week and once or twice a month they send me a product to test. I am restricted from talking about the products that I have received so I, unfortunately, cannot give you that information. I will say though that it is definitely worth joining.

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  1. Margaret

    I have never heard of Pine Cone research before but it does sound interesting. I have done quite a lot of surveys with other survey sites and some of those were about products that hadn’t been released yet. Do you get many surveys from them or is it just occasional?

    1. admin

      It varies. Sometimes I’ll get like one a day and sometime I’ll only get one or two a week. I almost always get at least one a week, usually more. You get about 3 days to complete the survey and they are sent to your email. They don’t spam you at all btw. Sometimes they don’t get enough completions so they’ll extend the deadline out a couple more days.

      I absolutely love it. The surveys take maybe 20 minutes and they are just basically the same questions every time but about a different product. They ask things like where would you expect to find and what do you like about the package, description, flavors, etc.

  2. Mara

    I haven’t heard about Pinecone Research before, so was interested to read this. At first I thought the reward amount seems quite high, compared to a lot of survey companies, but when I look at the volume you get it kind of makes more sense. They seem to go for quality survey panelists, rather than quantity. I have tried a number of different ones – some better than others, but always fount they are not huge money spinners. I think they are good for making small change in your spare time – do you agree? This one definitely sounds a good prospect if you can get onto their list. Thanks for sharing.

    1. admin

      Yes, and they provide their own surveys which also allows the them to pay you more because they don’t have to anybody else.

      Yes, I agree that it’s good for spare change or spending money. I think it’s best for stay at home moms or college students.

  3. Marcus

    You say they pay you $3 per survey. That sounds quite a lot compared to most other survey sites I have seen in the past. But how long do the surveys take to complete? It’s a shame you only get about 2 surveys per week. I suppose that just a little bit of spare money you can use to treat yourself to a drink or whatever.

    1. admin

      They take about 20 minutes and are very easy to complete. They’re also mobile compatible.

      Pinecone research is great when used in combination with other online money making techniques. Of all the sites I have used they pay the most for your time.

      There have been weeks where I got a survey everyday or nearly everyday. I’d say I average about 2 a week, though. The other thing that’s great is the fact that they send you products to try. That’s a big reason that I like them because they actually send the products quite often.


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