– Scam or Legit?

Get 100 a month for doing NOTHING

Today I came across a promoted post on Facebook claiming to pay you $100 for allowing them to use your Facebook. They call it “renting your account”. This seemed pretty fishy to me so I decided to do some digging.

The Poster

The post was promoted by Diane Boutique. Diane Boutique is apparently a clothing line/brand and looks to be Canadian based. They have 547 people that like the page but don’t have much information about the company or brand.

My first question is, why is a clothing brand paying to promote a “make money online” type of website?

The Promoted Post

Next, I look at the post that is being promoted. Diane Boutique posts “Wow this is awesome! I get 100 A month for just having a Android phone. Sign up now before it is too late!”. There are quite a few errors in this, such as 100 instead of $100, A instead of a, and a Android instead of an Android.” I could look past this if it wasn’t a company posting it.

“Get $100 a month for doing NOTHING”. This is what the company is advertising. Guys, come on. You can’t make money by doing literally nothing. Especially $100 a month.

Finally, below this scammy looking claim of doing nothing for $100 a month, there is a website. This website is I did a quick Google search for this web address and came back with nothing. I then searched BBB and also found nothing. It’s almost like this website doesn’t even exist.

The Webpage

After doing what digging I could with the information given in the post, I clicked the link. After clicking the link I am redirected to That is not a typo. The website was

After a search on BBB, I see this website is not found as being a website. If I type it into the search bar I also cannot re-access the web page.

Start making money with your Facebook AccountAt the top of the web page, it reads “SPONSORED”. It then proceeds to tell you that they are interested in renting your Facebook account. Now, I don’t know about you but I have alot of friends and family on my Facebook that I wouldn’t want to expose to whatever odd things that this company may post on my behalf.

Next, tells you that this is not a scam. So, they know that this looks shady and think the first thing that they need to tell you is that they aren’t conducting a scam. Like they would tell you if they were running a scam site.

Following this, they tell you why they are interested in renting your Facebook. Apparently, in order to run advertisements you need to have your Facebook up and running for at least a year with legitimate information on them and they just don’t have time to do this. I can’t confirm nor deny if this actually is a Facebook policy as of right now but it doesn’t seem legit to me. A year is a long time for someone to wait to be able to run ads.

You Can Feel Safe – Or Can You?

The last thing that they tell you is that you can feel safe because

  1. You aren’t giving them your Facebook password
  2. They won’t be able to access your messages
  3. Your Facebook won’t get banned
  4. None of your FB friends will know that you’re running ads.

How are they going to rent my Facebook without me actually allowing them access to it?

Well, however, they do it, it certainly clears things up about Diane Boutique. I’m willing to bet that is renting their account to post that ad.

So, honestly, can we trust anybody’s Facebook recommendations of this website? Because I mean, could be behind all positive Facebook reviews.

The Bank StatementRent Out Your Account Bank Statement

Next, I see what looks like a bank statement with payments coming out of it to pay people over the last few days. Oddly, none of the amounts are $100, which is how much they are supposed to pay monthly for renting your account. There is also another web address,, on the statement.

After a quick search of this website I find many reviews, many of which are unsure of this website being legitimate or a scam, but lean towards it being a scam. It also found by BBB but not accredited.

Video From Brian Yang – Or Is it?

Okay, below the bank statement is a video of a girl telling how she made $600 with “this website”. She also says that she didn’t have to give them her Facebook login information. She did, however, say that she used a program called Team Viewer just one time from her computer and they set everything up for her.

After a search of Team Viewer, I can pretty confidently say that this is a legit company which allows remote access. So you are basically giving them access to your personal Facebook account one time but they don’t receive any of your login information in the process.

I should also note that the YouTube account used to post this video was somebody named Brian Yang. She didn’t look like a Brian Yang to me.

The Process

Thanks a bunch for filling that outAt the bottom of the page, there is more information about the process that they take. Basically, in the 5 minutes that they have access to your personal account, they will create a fan page, add themselves as authorized users to the page, and set up their payment information to run the ads.

The thing that strikes me as fishy here is that their credit card is now on your profile. So essentially, you could run as many ads with it as you want, and even set up another fan page for yourself and use their card for your ads.

At the very bottom of the page, there is a button apply to the program. After clicking it asks for your name, email address, and phone number. I felt that this was information I was okay with giving for the sake of research, so I filled it out and submitted it. I was then given a message that Mike will contact me within 6 hours.

My Final Verdict

As of right now, I am pretty skeptical of this website. I do not believe that they are trying to steal your information or hack your Facebook. But I think that the ads that they will be running are shady and not something that you are going to want to be associated with your name and Facebook account.

My opinion is that they will post shady ads and ads promoting their website and then never pay you.

Otherwise, why would they need more than one Facebook to run the ads?

I also don’t like the fact that I came across 3 different websites while accessing one web page. And two of the web pages almost seemed like they didn’t exist. This is a common practice that shady businesses use to keep hidden.

Although I can’t say for sure that this is a scam, I urge you to stay away from it. It’s not worth the $100 a month that you have a slight chance of making.

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