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As we talked about before, there are many websites that claim to pay you for doing activities, such as surveys, but are only interested in scamming you. You can read more about how to avoid these websites here.

In my venture to creating an online career for myself, I have come across a few of these websites. I decided to make an email address dedicated to these websites and try them out to inform everybody of the real scam websites and my experience with them.

If you have been scammed by any websites or just know of any, please message me at or leave a comment below. I will check it out for myself and add it to this list of I deem it as a scam.

Vacant Survey

The first scam I encountered in my journey is Vacant survey. I first read reviews and knew this was going to be adding to the list before even signing up.

Yeah right!

After signing up, the first thing I notice is that there are many grammar errors. For example “Get profit $18 to your balance for each successfully done survey”. This is a red flag to me. I also noticed first off that you automatically have $9 in your account, which is high.

Each survey is worth $18. This could be okay if they were long intensive surveys. They aren’t. You watch an ad that’s about 30 seconds long and then answer like 10 yes or no questions and poof, you have $18.

When going to cash out, you will see that you have to have $1500 in order to request payment. That’s a lot of time to invest in something that you aren’t even sure pays yet!


On top of all of this, there is no contact number or email, only a box to fill out and submit and possibly at some point get a reply.

I’m not sure what scam they are trying to pull exactly, but many reviews say they want your PayPal information, which I wouldn’t doubt. All in all, this is a website to avoid!

Stay away from websites like these by signing up for my #1 recommendation instead!


  1. Matthew Thomas

    Being so active online in today’s world, it’s extremely important to be aware of scams. Be skeptical of everything you’re considering clicking on, making a payment for, etc. Some scams are rather obvious while others are fairly subtle. It’s unfortunate, but what do you think are some of the tell-tale signs of most frauds to be aware of?

    1. admin

      If it sounds to good to be true or if there are alot of spelling or grammar issues. Also pay attention to if the website looks like time and money has been spent on it. The website I reviewed was very basic and plain. You could tell the business behind it didn’t care about making it nice.

      One big thing alot of people don’t think about also is to look at the domain name. Sometimes people make sites hoping for spelling problems when typing in the domain. For example, PayPall instead of PayPal.

      As for buying things on sites like craigslist, the biggest scam is when they say they aren’t in the country, usually for military reasons, so they will wore you the money.

      And last but not least, for emails I’ve noticed alot of scams have underscores separating the words. Another thing is the won’t tell you anything, just have a bold sentence with a “find out more” button.

  2. Jim Cochrane

    Hey Kayla,

    I have never heard of Vacant Surveys before. It’s good that I came across your review of it. As you stated it does seem to good to be true and should give readers cause for concern.

    Great job in keeping people away from these types of services. It’s such a shame when companies resort to these tactics, especially since it takes just about as much effort to go legit when earning.

    Best Regards,

    1. admin

      Yes, I’ll be adding more websites as I go along but that seems to one of the top scam survey sites. There were so many red flags and most people would realize that, but some people don’t know or are too trusting. Those are the people that websites like these are trying to trick and those are always the people I want to inform, before it happens to them.

  3. Rosie

    Hi Kayla, I have heard of doing surveys for money even joined one but it turned out to be a scam as well but, I have not heard of Vacant Survey before I read your post so thank you for sharing.

  4. Hanli

    Hi Kayla,

    Have you ever heard of My-Data-Team? If so, what is your opinion on them.

    If not, can you maybe investigate them and give us your opinion?



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