Survey Club


Rating: $$$$$

What is Survey Club?

Survey club is a website for market research that allows you to take surveys for money. They are a middleman between the consumer(you) and the advertiser. They currently have more than 16 million members on 6 continents.

The strange thing about Survey Club is that you have to actually sign up for 3 survey panels which are then connected to your Survey Club account. This is a very strange method that I have never seen before and frankly, I don’t like it. I now have 4 accounts just to take a few surveys.


As I said, in order to complete surveys you must sign up for 3 different survey panels. You are then given surveys from those three sites. You also have the option of signing up for more survey panels which is supposed to lead to more surveys. In my opinion you would be better off just joining the other survey sites on your own and taking the surveys directly through them so are cutting out the payment to Survey Club.

So, you get surveys sent to your email and you can also access them through your account. You won’t get vary many surveys, especially if you only have the 3 survey panels connected.

The one nice thing about Survey Club is that they do pay 10¢ per disqualification which is higher than most.

Spam Much?

Beware that if you join Survey Club you will get quite a few emails. These emails come from directly from Survey Club so at least it doesn’t seem like they are sharing your email address, but it is still highly annoying. I get about 5+ emails a day about joining other survey panels or completing surveys.

Starting on the day after I joined Survey Club I started receiving spam phone calls about things like winning a cruise and getting a grant. I don’t know 100% sure that this was from Survey Club because I a few other panels on the same day, but I have a feeling they were. After a week or two I stopped getting the calls for the most part.

My Overall Opinion

I do not think Survey Club is a very good option. I do believe they are legitimate and pay you for your opinions I just think they haven’t completely figured out how to do it right and don’t care too much about your privacy.