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What is Treasure Trooper?

Treasure Trooper is a GPT site that offers money paid by PayPal or in-game items in exchange for your time and opinions. It is unique because it combines a game with the normal money-making activities. These activities include surveys, offers, watching videos, and search.

This is a website only, with no apps currently available.

Treasure Trooper has paid out over 7 million dollars in the 11 years that it has been running.



There are thousands of surveys to complete at any given time which pay an average of 50¢ to a few dollars per survey. There are 5 sections that offer surveys. These sections are

  • Daily Surveys- There are 8 surveys here which can be completed once per day. These surveys pay between 50 and $1. You will not qualify for all 8 in a day, however. Daily survey #8 almost always qualifies and should be the first survey taken every day, so that you don’t forget.
  • Survey Seeker- In this section you will have a few surveys to try to qualify for each day. They pay between 50 and $5 per survey.
  • Study Storm- The surveys in this section are very specific and hard to qualify for. They pay between a few cents, up to about $10. Be careful with this section because there are complaints of payments being reversed. I believe it’s because of dishonest answers, but you should still be cautious.
  • Arrowhead Dig Sites- Within the arrowhead dig site there are different sections which contain offers and surveys. Everything here pays in arrowheads, which can be used for the game. Dig site #2 are Peanut Labs surveys and they have pretty good qualification rates.
  • Cash Offers- Within the offers section, there are also surveys. The first few are very specific, for example, Hispanic dog owners. This is told to you before attempting, so just don’t try if you aren’t a Hispanic dog owner. Underneath these are more surveys which pay in actual currency and can be easy to qualify for.


Cash Offers

There are a large number of offers to complete, with most of them being free. You can earn anywhere from a few cents to $50+. Free trials are a great way to make money here. You can also complete surveys.

Watch videos

There are two different sections for watching videos. In one, you earn arrowheads and in the other, you earn dragon scales. You also have contributor goals in which you can earn pearls. All of these items can be used to purchase items, such as things for your dragons or free referrals.


Treasure Trooper has their own search engine and when searching, you will randomly earn arrow heads. If you do 10 searches in a day you will earn a contributor bonus if the meter gets filled for the day(which it usually does). Only one search every 5-minutes will be counted for the contributor bonus and they must be unique searches, meaning you can’t search the same thing over and over.

Mini Games

You can use items you have earned through completing activities to raise dragons and battle or sell them for real money. There are also games such as slots and bingo that you can earn in.

Raising your dragon

The process of raising your dragon is actually very time-consuming. In order to get enough dragon scales to buy a nest and an egg, you will need to do quite a few activities. After you finally get enough for your nest and egg, you still have incubate the egg with heat lamps. These also require dragon scales to purchase, The total incubation time is around 90 hours and each heat lamp gives you 8 hours.

On top of the incubation, you also have to get 30 “human touches”. This means that you need to get 30 people to click the link, which you can post anywhere but the forums. The most common spot to post them is social media or blogs.

After your dragon is hatched you must feed them every 24 hours for 2 weeks, which is when they become an adult and can fend for themselves. If you forget to feed them you will need to purchase a medical station and medicine, which you guessed it, requires more dragon scales.

Once they are fully grown you can finally start battling, questing, or sell them. The dragons are worth between $5 and the rare $100 dragon.

Using your collected items


As I talked about above, you can earn things like arrowheads, dragon scales, and pearls. You can then exchange these items in for gift cards, free referrals, and items for your dragon.

Referral program

Treasure Trooper has one of the most unique referral programs I have ever seen, but it actually isn’t as great as it seems at first glance.Referral

For every active referral, you will earn 20% of their cash offer earnings and 5% of their referral’s earnings. Now, this may sound great, until you realize that cash offers aren’t the main way to make money. You don’t get anything from surveys(which is the main way people make money)until you have at least 5 active referrals. In order for them to be considered active, they have to have earned $5. Unfortunately, many people do not earn $5 before quitting.

To give you an example, the chart above is taken directly from my account. I currently have 5 referrals, but none of them have earned $5. Because of this I still haven’t been able to move up to the Silver level.

The only thing I do like about the referral program is Treasure Tracker.

Here you can write “see where I’ve been at” on your money. You then input the serial numbers into your account and when somebody goes to that website and enters the serial number, they will see where the bill has been along with your referral to sign up for Treasure Trooper.

So you  are actually putting your referral code into the hands of thousands of people!

Customer Service

Let’s be real, the customer service kind of sucks. Unlike Swagbucks and InboxDollars, if you spend 30 minutes on a survey that then has an error, they don’t care. When you message them about, their response is “We won’t be reimbursed  if we pay you”. So my question is, why are they taking a portion of the money I would have earned from the survey provider if they won’t help me?

The only good thing about customer service is that they reply very quickly. But if they aren’t going to help, what does it matter?


My overall opinion

With everything taken into consideration, I think Treasure Trooper is enjoyable and helps you forget that you are doing long surveys for minuscule money. If you are okay with spending a lot of time for hardly any money and the possibly of getting nothing for a survey that breaks, give them a try. I highly suggest trying Swagbucks and InboxDollars first, though, because their customer service is much better.

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  1. Jason

    Thank you for such an informative review. I for one, am not ok with the possibility of not getting paid in return for my time. I have looked into swagbucks before but really just a quick glance. Guess I need to go take a closer look.

    1. admin

      No, I’m not either. I loved it when I first joined but then I started realize they were blinding you with the game and it’s not as great as they make it out to be. I did manage to make $20 in about a week and a half and the funds were transferred to PayPal the next day. This is the only reason that I give them a decent rating.

      I do recommend Swagbucks if you’re looking for a site with many activities. And like I said their customer service is great. In the couple of years I have been using them I haven’t had a single issue with their customer service.

      However, being a GPT site they do take a chunk of the money that the survey provider pays so I recommend going straight to the provider. The only drawback of this is that you don’t have as much to complete at one time. You will get paid more for your time, in most occasions, though.

      Here is the link for my page about strictly survey sites. Most of these are not a middleman so they provide the surveys directly to you rather than using a site like Swagbucks, who also has to get paid.

  2. ariefw

    This is the first time I hear about treasure trooper.
    I’m a bit confuse with the dragon scales that we have to collect.

    Is this a game or a money making site? I couldn’t stop thinking that this is just too tiresome. You have to collect so many dragon scales and fill out so many surveys just to get a decent money.

    Maybe I will check InboxDollars as SwagBucks is not allowed in my country.

    1. admin

      It’s kind of both. You use the dragon scales to raise dragons which you then battle, quest, or sell for actual money. I loved the site when I first joined because of the dragons but like you said, it’s tiresome. I would rather us other “Get paid to” sites that just allow me to earn money.

      That’s too bad that Swagbucks isn’t allowed in your country. Hopefully InboxDollars will work out for you! If it’s not available in your country either let me know what country and I can see what else I can refer you to!

  3. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    Thank you kindly for this quality and very informative review, appreciated.

    Personally, I am very interested in earning money in simple ways such as those mentioned. Is it viable to earn $10-$20 daily?

    It’s mainly for me friends, who are Thai and that would represent a far easier way of earning money and more that they would working in the traditional sense.

    1. admin

      That would be difficult but it’s possible to earn about $10. It would take hours and alot of frustration, though.

      My recommendation would be to check out all of my ways to earn money and utilize as many as possible. This way you don’t run out of surveys to qualify for as easy.

      The top pages I recommend you to look at are Paid Viewpoint, SurveySavvy, Global Test Market, and Swagbucks. These links will take you to my review of them.

      Are your friends in Thailand? Some of these websites may not be available for them if so. I can recommend others if that’s the case.


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