What to avoid

So you’ve decided to start learning how to make money online. You can be very successful at making money online, but there are always things you will need to look out for. Thankfully, once you get to know what to avoid it can be very rewarding and actually pretty fun!

They aren’t always after your money

I’ve noticed that a lot of people think if they don’t pay any money they can’t be scammed. This thinking is exactly why you have a high chance of being scammed. While getting scammed out of money is definitely the worst way to be scammed, there are ways that actually happen far more often. These include things like phishing your email and wasting your time.

My goal is to inform as many people as possible so that they know what to look for and can avoid these things happening to them.

This journey actually can be completely scam-free 

If you just follow a few guidelines you will be making money like a pro in no time with absolutely no scams. And thankfully you have me here to show you the ropes!

X Scams

If it looks to good to be true, it probably is

This is a good rule of thumb when visiting a new website claiming to make you money. Quality websites won’t ever claim to make you rich. If they say things like “make $1,000,000 your first year”, definitely avoid it. Here are a few other tips to help you get on the right track.

Avoid get rich quick sites

 I’m sure everyone has seen the websites claiming to pay you thousands of dollars for little effort. If it doesn’t require much effort, it’s not going to pay you like it does.

Even if they aren’t offering thousands of dollars, just think about it before you give any information. “Does it actually make sense for them to pay me this much for the amount of time that I’m investing?” If the answer is a hard no then it’s best to avoid it, or at least do some research on the company first.

$50+ surveys

 If a survey site claims to pay you $50+ per survey, it’s most likely a scam and you will never get that money. The only exception to this are things like diaries and panels but these are sent to you only occasionally through normal survey sites and generally require a few minutes every day for a certain period of time.

Google is your best friend

If you come across a website that seems like it’s okay based on these guidelines but you just want to make sure, Google it!

All you have to do is type in “-website name- scam” or “-website name- reviews”. If it is a scam there will reports of people that have been scammed by it before and if not then you will even be able to read about what other people liked and disliked about it!

If you need any help finding out about a website, let me know in the comments below and I would be happy to research it for you!

Paid membership

LearningSome sites will have membership fees for training. Think of it as going to college(just a much cheaper version!). If paying for training is something that you are willing to do, it can be a very good investment in you


If you are going to pay for a membership, though, always try it first. If they don’t have a free trial do not do it. I can’t emphasize this enough. So many scams happen because people pay for a service that they have not tried and know nothing about. Even if it’s not a scam, you need to be sure that it’s something you will continue with, and a free trial can help ensure that. 


  1. Joe

    Hi Kayla, I really liked your post about making money online. It is very true, you have to be so vigilant these days, because there are so many scams out there. I have lost quite a lot of cash through scams in the past and wasn’t the best experience. They do offer you ridiculously high pay outs for almost no work and that’s how they lure you in.

    1. admin

      Exactly and the scams that are out to steal your money are bad enough but there is so much more that they can do. They can steal your time and information. They can also send out your email address to other companies so you get spammed.

      No matter what the scam is, everyone needs to know so they can be better prepare and able to detect what is a scam is what is legitimate.


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